Founded in 2019 from the alliance of 3 partners that through the years have been working for major players in retail business and on largescale projects in the fashion industry, we implement daily the most innovative solutions, with a pioneering mind.

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Perfect Design


Our partners are exclusive and all of our products are our own design.

We prioritise production in Europe to allow for short production & delivery periods as well as high  quality. We manufacture essentially in Italy but also  in France and Eastern Europe.

Our prices are competitive because we integrate  the producers directly into our structure, thus giving  us flexibility, total control over production and top  quality. Our strong artistic input can also be used  to give ideas, concepts for special projects, or to  completely develop a whole project … and no  project is too big or too small.


We use our proven experience to merge together artisans, artists and direct producers in order to create Props, Visual Merchandising & Mannequins.

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We have the “know-how” to do 3D  sculpting and sketches and to produce prototypes, and we can turn  craftsmanship into industrial production, with extreme care to details  and finishes. Thanks to our historical  relationships with our partners we  are able to grant the highest discretion. We follow the projects’ production with a daily control of the  production status and we understand  how important it is to maintain constant contact with our customers.